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    Tuesday to Saturday

- "I can eat here every day and never get tired of your food."
                                                                                         Young  food lover                                                             

- “I was in Puerto Rico last summer and did not eat this well there.”
                                                                                                        Customer on Metromix

- “I can’t get them to go to McDonalds anymore.”
                                                                       A single father of four.

- “You have just the right touch of the Caribbean taste.”  
                                                                                   A visiting Cuban cook.

- "By the way, the Cuban sandwich was better than the one we had in Cuba!!"
                                                              Dr. Angela Kinney, School of Education, Mount St. Joseph University

- "How do you make the food smell so good?"
                                                                Nine year old customer
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A Dissapointed Customer Review

We are rated as 4.5 stars on Yelp. All the reviews speaks for themselves but this one is totally unfair and needs a response:

"Placed an order for lunch. It took over an hour for the food to arrive, and it was completely non-authentic. Additionally the food was undercooked. I called to get a refund and they hung up on me. Horrible customer service. I will never be back. If you are looking for canned food and ground chicken with no curry or jerk, this place is for you"

First, she ordered the food from OrderUp and I can't control their delivery time. When the food leaves my place it is piping hot and fresh. I have followed up on many catering orders that was consumed an hour after delivery and I have had absolutely no complains about the time lapse. Last week we delivered 150 empanadas to UC that were consumed over one hour after cooking and their response was, "Thanks for following up to make sure everything went well. the empanadas were a hit." When the customer called and demanded her money back, no one hung up on her at the store. I told her that OrderUp has her money and she can ask them for it. She specifically complained about the empanada and I told her that I get rave reviews on them and that she was the first one that complained. I would have gladly replaced her food or gave her money back if she was not so rude and beligerent. She sounded like ordering food and asking for the money back is something she does routinely.